Individual Therapy for People with Diabetes and other Chronic Illness

As a person with diabetes (PWD), if you find that you are struggling to manage living with your diabetes or other chronic illness, you are not alone.  Therapy can be a safe place for you to process your stress, grief, anger, or sadness. Diabetes distress is real! Together, we will look at ways to help you improve your emotional skills to deal with your diabetes, problem solve around difficult issues, and explore how your thoughts and emotions are affecting your behaviors. I understand that diabetes never takes a vacation! It's a relentless disease but together I believe we can find a way to help you grow and restore hope.

Individual Therapy/ Family Therapy related to Chronic Illness

Are you a sibling, parent, caregiver, or couple of a person with diabetes (PWD) or other chronic illness? Even if you aren't the family member living with the chronic illness, life can be challenging and exhausting.  Therapy can be a safe space for you to process your emotions surrounding your role and identify ways to to help you heal and care for yourself.



Individual Therapy for Tweens, Teens, Young Adults, and Caregivers


Are you (or your child) faced with increased levels of anxiety or depression as you navigate our "new normal?" Are you an individual experiencing a transition of love, loss, job, or other major life stressor? Therapy can be a place to explore your pain, excitement, or grief, as well as identify pros/cons in decision making, problem solving, or navigating new relationships or
stages of life.